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Whispers of Agatea Interior Design

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Whispers of Agatea Interior Design

Bes Pelargic, Golden Steps Way

A: a porcelain wall fan for 131Rh 31s (two left).

B: a sandalwood wall fan for 113Rh 77s (two left).

C: a satin leaf wall fan for 124Rh 7s (two left).

D: a scalloped cherry blossom parasol for 161Rh 67s (two left).

E: a silver crane wall fan for 107Rh 47s (two left).

F: a spring garden parasol for 122Rh 8s (two left).

G: a scalloped square parasol for 107Rh 49s (three left).

H: a translucent white silk fan for 118Rh 62s (two left).

I: a mother of pearl fan for 118Rh 61s (two left).

J: a kanji parasol for 109Rh 109s (two left).

K: a golden wall fan for 114Rh 70s (two left).

L: a bluebird parasol for 152Rh 10s (two left).

M: a red-framed chinoiserie mirror for 375Rh (three left).

N: a mandarin-design walnut mirror for 375Rh (three left).

O: an antique elmwood framed mirror for 406Rh 30s (three left).

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