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Tom Boit's Box Shop

Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 7 months ago

Tom Boit, the box shop proprietor says: A box for all occasions, and for every occasion a box. Feel free to browse


Also you can do decorations here, but not sure how or what.



The following items are for sale:

A: a jewellery box for A$13.20 (four left).

B: a gift box for A$14 (seven left).a foot long and four inches wide, holdable. It can hold about 2 pounds or about twenty items.

C: a gift box for A$12 (six left).

D: a sewing box for A$9 (eight left).

E: a jewellery box for A$22.50 (two left).

F: a papers box for A$2.25 (three left).

G: a lacquered case for A$7.50 (one left).

H: a used crate for A$6.50 (twenty-seven left).

I: a small wooden box for A$4.50 (six left). 2 feet long and about 2 feet wide. holdable. It can hold about 55 pounds or about ninety items.

J: a big wooden box for A$8 (two left).about 4 feet long and about 4 feet wide. Holdable. It can hold about 88 pounds or about one hundred and ten items.

K: a small cardboard box for 37p (five left). 9 inches long and about 9 inches wide. Holdable. It can hold about 11 pounds or about forty items.

L: a big cardboard box for 60p (ten left).

M: a small barrel for A$4 (six left).

N: a large barrel for A$7 (three left).

O: a huge barrel for A$15 (one left).

P: a claw hammer for A$1.50 (eight left).

Q: a paintbrush for 50p (fifteen left).

R: a pair of sharp scissors for A$3 (eight left).

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