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Thieves Guild smithy

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Thieves' Guild smithy


A sizeable forge dominates this small smithy, with a wide array of useful implements surrounding it. A quenching bath stands near the outer wall, looking like a large metal trough more than anything. The windows against the outer wall seem larger than elsewhere in the kitchen building, and it looks as though most of them are rusted into a permanently open position to allow in as much cool air as possible. Racks of tools useful to the trade line the walls, as well as tables and benches for delicate work that does not require use of the hammer or anvil. A few disgruntled chickens are roosting in a large cage built against the southeast wall.


The following items are for sale:

A: a pair of priests for A$1.25

B: a pair of leather breeches for 25p

C: a small wooden shield for 7p

D: a studded leather jacket for 27p

E: a brass breastplate for A$6.52

F: a hard leather cap for 5p

G: a vendel helm for A$6.50

H: a throwing khyber for A$15

I: a Howondalandish throwing knife for A$17.50

J: a scimitar for A$3.25

K: a short sword for A$2

L: a rapier for A$3.75

M: a one-handed battle axe for A$20

N: a wooden staff for A$1.50

O: a cudgel for A$3.75

P: a stiletto for A$5

Q: a thief's dagger for A$337.85

R: an emerald hilted dagger for A$25

S: a ruby hilted dagger for A$25

T: a war hammer for A$50

U: a two-handed sword for A$20

V: a black shafted mace for A$75.50

W: a pollax for A$64.25

X: a black iron flail for A$65

The following categories can also be listed individually: armour and weapons.

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