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The Bedded Beauties bed shop

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 7 months ago

The Bedded Beauties bed shop

Ank-Morpork, Seven Sleepers

A: a sexy looking bed catalogue for 2p (twelve left).

B: a double tung bed for A$1050 (two left).

C: a white plank bed for A$87.50 (three left).

D: a tung bed for A$825 (three left).

E: a truckle bed for A$100 (two left).

F: a wicker sleigh bed for A$1050 (two left).

G: a round bed for A$1375 (one left).

H: a rose bed for A$1750 (one left).

I: an oiled pine single bed for A$250 (two left).

J: a pine pediment bed for A$500 (one left).

K: an oiled pine double bed for A$375 (one left).

L: an oak single bed for A$375 (two left).

M: a mahogany four-poster bed for A$1250 (two left).

N: a green slat bed for A$250 (three left).

O: a Bed of the Seven + One Veils for A$1187.50 (two left).

P: a luxurious coffin-bed for A$500 (three left).

Q: a Circle Sea water bed for A$1250 (one left).

R: a canopy bed for A$375 (one left).

S: a black single bed for A$500 (three left).

T: a black double bed for A$875 (three left).

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