smelly tannery

Smelly Tannery

Sto Lat, Southwest end of Royal Market



A: a spool of strong sinew thread for A$5 (six left).

B: a heavy-duty needle for A$1 (one left).

C: a small silver needle for A$1 (one left).

D: a black backpack for A$20 (four left).

E: a medium satchel for A$2 (seven left).

F: a medium leather shield for 30p (four left).

G: a pair of chamois socks for A$1 (six left).

H: a brown leather belt for 25p (five left).

I: a coat of brigandine armour for A$12.50 (four left).

J: a pair of leather gloves for 62p (six left).

K: a pair of leather breeches for 25p (four left).

L: a short leather miniskirt for A$6.50 (five left).

M: a leather kilt for A$2.50 (five left).

N: a leather jerkin for A$1 (seven left).

O: a leather jacket for 25p (five left).

P: a pair of hard leather boots for 15p (five left).

Q: a leather undershirt for 94p (four left).


leatherwork repairs may be performed here