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This page contains categorised list of some DWMUD shops (mainly furniture) and their inventory.


You can search items in shops by using "search here" form in the top right corner of page (like, type "mirror" there and Enter to find mirrors)


Also useful: Kefka's Item Locator http://kefka.purplesunset.co.uk/items/




Elanor has a wonderful page about custom shops of all kinds.



A cobbler shop

Alyssa of Gapp

Jorodin's Magnificent Communicators

Sartorn and Son Scabbard Store



A swordsmith's shop - swords an daggers

A smoky room - flails

An elegant jewellery store - rings

An elegant veil store - wedding veils


Bes Pelargic

An untidy workshop - custom rings



Ug Oggs Forge - Custom Armour

Boxing Glove


Sto Lat

The olde locket shoppe - lockets with inscription inside

Gerard de Wendelle's evening dress shop



Cool shop - club insignias, as items of clothing





The Turn off the Crystal Ball shop Lots of games

Get 'em while we still got 'em Keyring necklace and other lil useful things

The Ecksian Souvenir shop Broad range of XXXX oddities, including a wind instrument

Gnaby Party Supplies Balloons, banners, firecrackers, party decor. NEW!



Toohumi's Illuminations Light sources, including yellow ring.

A cool water shop Spray bottles.


Bes Pelargic

A cozy second-hand bookshop - funny and useful books

A busy impstomatic store - everything you need for iconography

Covered Market - strange things, including chicken logs



A magic shop in Hillshire - title changer, ctf packs

Joshua's Climbing Equipment in Slice




Furniture and Art


Here is the list of shops that sell things to make your house better.


I seek info about capacity of containers in this category.

If you know something that is not covered here, you can add that info yourself (see example here), or tell or mail this info to to Tylor.



The Bedded Beauties bed shop

Bommel's Livings

Cutankle Quaffpint's Irone Shoppe

Dimitris Dummies

Queen P's Wholesale Enticing Furniture

The Shelf Shock Shop

Tapestries on God's Collar

The Head of the Table

Bob's backyard

La Raude's Shelf shop

Mr T A Steless's World of Art

Marvin's Mantles

A coffin shop

A locksmith's shop


An art gallery

A paint shop

Nese's Fine Decor

A coffee table shop

Festrunk Brothers

Twonky's Clocks

An opera poster shop

A musickal poster shop


Dusty furniture shop

A shed



Bes Pelagric

Whispers of Agatea Interior Design

A household accessory shop

A woodwork shop

A cluttered wardrobe shop

A screen shop

A gently illuminated shop

A fanciful art gallery

A handmade bed shop

A shop full of wind chimes

A silk plant stall

A stuffy futon shop

The Jui-Pi Home Decoration Showroom

Mr Foo's Bargain Basement Hall of Paint

Mr Woo's Bargain Basement House of Wallpaper

A quiet antique shop

A cushion shop in the silk market

The House of the Happy Fish



A Queen Ptraci furniture shop

A cheerful paint shop

A dingy workshop

An antique furniture shop



A furniture store on Hill Street in Sto Lat

Furniture shop in Genua

The stonemasons in Genua


Craft shops

A bookstore

Genua haberdashery Supplies For Seamstresses

Guild shops


Thieves Guild

Thieves Guild smithy in AM

Thieves Guild Armoury in AM

Warriors Guilds

Palace Guard Armoury in AM

Weapon Masters' Court Armoury in AM

Djelian Guard Guild Armoury in Djelibeybi


Other Clothing, gear and armour

For information about Container capacity try the Luckcat Wiki:

Luckycat DW Wiki - container information



Alab's Leatherorama Mollymog Street

Biddle's Smithy Corner of Small Gods and Market Street

Bolly's Boot Boutique Upper Broadway

Brerand's Armoury Tenth Egg Street ("A Well Stocked Armoury")

Elm Street Forge Elm Street

Keffel's Hats Pleaders Row

A gothic clothing shop Phedre Road

Griffith Cwlyd's tannery Plaza of Broken Moons

Igor's high quality weapon emporium Tenth Egg Street (above armoury)

Kernab's weaponry store Treacle Street

Lolinda's Lovely Leather Endless Street

Nimbledrit's Tool Shop Ettercap Street

Olson's Iron Shop Water Street

Sartorn and Son Scabbard Store Endless Street

Tom Boit's Box Shop Ankh Street



smelly tannery Royal Market, Sto Lat

Royal Market smithy Royal Market, Sto Lat

Dragon Emporium Queens Road, Sto Lat



armoury Scarab Walk, Djelibeybi






A fine crockery shop

The Butterfly Boulevard stone carver

A small equipment shop in dojo

A Fung Shooey shop

A fan shop

A cluttered shop belonging to Pnic-Pnac



Adding shops


You can add shop in few easy steps (and nearly without typing):


  1. You will need a password to edit. You can read it on FrontPage
  2. Use mud what to wear to a mud run and client that allows copy-paste (telnet will do), or use text log. Click "Edit" at the top of page. Switch editing mode to "classic mode" (link at the top right of page)
  3. Copy Shop name from MUD or log. Add this name on this page in proper category and in square brackets. That will add a link to future page. Exit edit mode.
  4. Click on link you created (it will be underlined with red line). On next page just press "Create new page". You will be taken to editing of new shop page.
  5. Paste shop name and add "!!" before it (to make it a title-style). In next line, type name of city, comma, and then paste from MUD a name of street or place where this shop is. If that location is too ambiguous, add some comments (For example, "Ankh-Morpork, Endless Street (near Deosil Gate)").
  6. Copy-paste from mud a "list" as it is (only goods and prices)
  7. If you wish, you can add some more comments about shop. Then press "Save". You are done! Thank you!


Of cause, it's only a guideline, you can add shop page any other way, just keep in style with other shop pages.


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