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Queen P's Wholesale Enticing Furniture

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Queen P's Wholesale Enticing Furniture

Ankh-Morpork, Endless Street (near Deosil Gate)

A: a Queen Ptraci bookcase for A$850 (one left).

B: a Queen Ptraci wardrobe for A$1825 (two left).

C: a Queen Ptraci table for A$1350 (three left).

D: a Queen Ptraci sofa for A$800 (three left).

E: a Queen Ptraci mirror for A$200 (one left).

F: a Queen Ptraci chest of drawers for A$1825 (two left).

G: a Queen Ptraci chest for A$1600 (three left).

H: a Queen Ptraci bed for A$700 (two left).

I: a Queen Ptraci armchair for A$550 (one left).


All wardrobes and chests of drawers have a capacity of 90 items of 55 pounds.

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