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Priest Rituals

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You can also check VikiQ's page for more info about rituals.


Universal Rituals




Unique Rituals





  • Holy Aegis
  • Summon Fluff



  • Holy Couturequisition
  • Mend



  • Demoralise
  • Endless Halls
  • Lost Highways



  • Breathe Underwater
  • Orodiferous Wrath
  • Piscatorial Patulous
  • Sacred Fins



  • Life Of The Party
  • Parasitic Vision
  • Unwilling Host
  • Visit



  • Creeping Doom
  • Paralysis
  • Profound Darkness
  • Rage






Shared Ritual Chart

List of non-universal shared priest rituals and the gods that grant them, arranged by alignment.


Pishe Gufnork Gapp Sandelfon Fish Hat Sek
Agoraphobia Sa H
Bless P Gu Ga
Blight F Se
Calm P Gu Ga Sa F H
Chant P Gu Ga
Clarify P Gu Se
Cure Drunkenness P Gu Ga Sa
Cure Knurdness P Gu Ga
Cure Serious Wounds P Gu Ga Sa
Dark Sight F H
Detect Alignment P Sa Se
Detect Magic Gu Sa
Divine Sentinel Gu Sa H
Fear F Se
Feedback Sa H
Find F Se
Food Of Life H Se
Fumble Ga Sa H
Great Stasis P Ga
Haunting Sa H Se
Holy Insight Gu Ga H
Holy Sacrifice H Se
Holy Sanctuary P Gu
Holy Weapon F Se
Horror H Se
Light P Gu Ga Sa Se
Longsight Ga Sa
Parch P Sa F H Se
Raise Dead P Gu Se
Relief P Gu Ga
Searing Touch H Se
See Alignment P Se
Silence F Se
Soothe P Gu
Sotto Voce P Ga F Se
Sparkling Shelter Sa F H
Splash P F
Stasis P Gu Ga
Terror F Se
Tongues Gu Sa H
Turn Undead P Gu
Unquiet Spirit F H
Visions H Se
Weft Warping Gu Ga
Withering Touch F H
Wrath F H Se

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