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Player links

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These are some of the sites created by Discworld players. You can find an official, but uncategorised list here

If you think that some info is not correct, or can be made more exact, don't hesitate to fix it. You can find the password for changing pages of this Wiki on FrontPage.


Crash course

If you are just making first steps in DWMUD and want to learn the ropes, check these sites.


Robin Hood and the Merry Men of Discworld - newbie's ABC. All sorts of questions you would ask (like, how to get money and xp fast while not dieing) are neatly covered here.


Ressurections and Recovery Unit - On the Discworld Death Happens. These fine folks specialize in emergency aid to the recently departed. Visit this page before you you die.


Also see your guild's pages - they usually have newbie pages.


And, of cause, check official DWMUD site




Discworld is big. It has gazillion unique locations! Maybe even more. When you need to find where the Sek you are now or WTS is that street/city/continent you need to get to, maps, created by players, are your best friends.


Unslidge's site has annotated links to nearly all map sites available, as well as his own maps of CWC estate, Pishe gardens and carriage routes.


Most well-known maps page is Airk's atlas. It has maps of about everything, except wilderness. Bad thing is that Airk himself got WoWed lately and doesn't update maps anymore. If you want more (likely, most) up-to-date versions of that maps, visit Kefka's site. Only drawback of Kefka's site is that it seems to be offline occasionally, so you may prefer to download his maps, just in case.


When it comes to the wilderness, Boot's maps are unrivaled. He has very precise maps, containing about every square mile of in-game parts of disc (and man, there are lots of them). He has city maps as well, not as up-to-date as Kefka's, but a little more informative and thorough.


Other maps of terrains can be found on Peta's page. They are not as thorough as Boots, and not as insanely huge.


If you need maps of some more obscure places, like Genua sewers, Grflx caves etc, try Zuroc's maps. There are lots of interesting maps there. The only drawback is that this site uses jscript aggressively which can be buggy on some browsers.


Maps of BP Wizard's Guild, The Monks of Cool, Cabbage Warehouse, Grflx Caves and Magpyr Castle(!) - at Lucky Cat's page


You can find another interesting map page on Thieves guild page. They are old and not very user-friendly but have very interesting pieces, like precise-to-location map of SUR terrains, or map of Bes Pelagric complete with black market


Also, there is Shamrock's Street Finder Thingie. Wonderful thing. You say the street name - you get it highlighted on map with beautiful shade of purple.


As alternative, you can use non-interactive AM street finder on Elfstone Sanctuary




It's great to see the map, but it is also great to show the map to the computer and ask it to do some dumb things, like walking you to a specified location while you relax in you chair and think WTS you are going to do when you'll finaly got there.


For that, you can use ZMud and fine ZMud-compatible maps, created by fluffy players.


My favorite ZMud map is Oozenthor's Cmud / Zmud Map Most up-to-date and have a lots of rooms, including roads and terrains near cities (so you can speedwalk from Sto Lat to AM!)



Other ZMUD maps are Fewyn'sRal's and Regina's.




If you one of those strange people that are fond of endless kill-stuff-to-get-expirience-to-levelup-to-be-able-to-kill-stuff-better cycle (or just want to know how to make you chareacter more effective in stuff), here are the sites that will help you with that.


Begin with Skills, Stats and Bonuses site. All basic info and some calculators to find, like, "How much xp I need to get bonus 400 in my favorite skill. And btw, what is this 'bonus' thing?"


Another popular site is Flatline's skill page Here you can submit your skills and see other's. Just to show off, or more importantly, to find someone who can teach you some skill.


The TM Project is a somewhat unusual site. It has statistics about in what circumstances players TMed skills. So, if you reproduce such situation you'll have chances to TM this skill too.


Command learning What skill levels you need to learn commands.




If you want in-depth info about some specific guild, check these sites.


Sined & Alts Some interesting and in-depth info about Priests, Wizards and Assassins, and much more.



Malicious' Assassin Site Up-to date information about nearly all you need to know about all branches of the guild.


Hotaru's Ninja Niche Up-to date information about nearly all you need to know about ninjaing (ninjitsu?).



The Spellcheck Project Very thorough site, including all the range of information from newbie advices to exact probability of failure of each skillcheck for each spell. And also nicknames of all spells (Yay! I know what "eff" is at last!)


Sekiri's Home of Wizardry Lots of interesting and well-written but also extremely outdated information. Useful as a starter, but do not accept any skill or bonus information as fact.


PK Wizarding "This page focuses around PK(player killer) wizards on the Discworld MUD" Last update 16 Dec 2005. Also has pages about general issues like combat that would be interesting to anyone.


The Lodgers Site The official site of Mrs. Widgeries Lodgers.


The Structure of Magic This is a part of Elanor's Discworld Pages and contains information on Enchanting, deluding, magical artefacts and the Orders of Wizardry. It contains informaition on the Wibble Fund, which is the Unseen University Scholarship programme.



Spell Components at Lucky Cat's



LaoTzu's Guide to the Priest's Guild is similar to the no-longer-available Godbotherers'. Surprisingly similar. Broad range of info, but not very up-to-date. Must read for priests nevertheless.


The New Priests Guild Wiki this new Wiki is fast rising in the ratings, and has a growing supply of timely content.



The official Thieves' Guild site All kind of info for thieves, both guild and not guild, and some general info - about learning languages, fighting, etc. Not very up-to-date, but that doesn't seem to be an issue.


Thieves eye view Some basic thieve's information and some universally interesting reference tables. Officially not longer maintained since 13/08/06.



Discworld Witches Guild Your typical guild page, every side of witching is covered, but no insights or fundamental researches.


The Witches of Discworld by Aniline Skyblade About same set of topics is covered, but a little more in-depth.


DiscKeb -- Keb's Witchin' Notebook some advanced witching reading, including "Guide to Witchy Services for Non-Witches" (read it!)



Airk's page This one page is all that warriors got.


Coilla's Weapons Page Is not warrior-specific, but weapons is what warriors is about. A little out of date, but the basics are good.


Ekko's Armourarium The other thing warriors is about. A fantastic resource for anyone who wants some protection.





For some reason, people want to see how each other look. As if a text description wasn't enough. So there are several sites about how players (or their cahracter) look.




Solace's Hall of Shame Big, classic, abandoned in 2005.


Lanfear's new hall of shame! It is Lanfear's and it is new! Contains photos of non-Lanfears as well.




Punarina's discworld gallery Poser-made pictures. Some are really beatiful. Jeanie's ones are hot.


Character Portraits by Medea About the same as previous, but without Jeanie.


Gaz's Discworld MUD Player Characters Very ancient. Hand-drawn pictures for a change - not very skillful, but stylish.





Some words are worthy to be carved if not in stone, then on a web page, at least. Mostly just for laughs.


Jelena's quotes page Funny quotes. Uncluding that "Kaedlyn is hot in Las Vegas" one :)


The Casaubon Family Homepage When you're done admiring the design, check "Odds and Ends"


Wallsy's Quotes Site Lots of quotes, though most of them are not that interesting.





Ekko's Armourarium List of armours, up-to-date, and with lots of searching options.


Coilla's Weapon List Simple and effective.


Elanor's Discworld Pages Custom items, overview of major cities, property owner guides.


Deb's Discworld Music Lists, skills and items.


Lucky Cat Grflx armor, TShop items and locations, and containers (not placeable ones).


10000 items on one page Just item name and were to find it. Very old, though.




Rescue Recovery Unit Site of RRU - very outdated.


The Guild of Taxis Useful info for both clients and members. Also, if you are making your own library of blorps or remembers, check the "Taxi Locations" page for ideas!


The Ankh-Morkpork City Watch (AMCW) Website Little more than just a forum.


Robin Hood and the Merry Men of Discworld "Founded by Kasimir, this club is dedicated to helping out newbies in the wonderful universe of Discworld MUD"


Ankh-Morpork Council Archives and Djelibeybi Council Archives - case archives and other documents.


Discworld MUD Roleplayers Directory List of roleplayers' characters, with personal info and usually a picture.


Quests solutions


Now such sites are "legal", though still prefer to stay in shadows.


If you get stuck with solving a quest (or finding a quest at all), first place to get hints is official quest page. If you still can't sort out what that damn quesst NPC want to hear from you, try following sites.


Discworld MUD Quests What it says.


Discworldhelp Forum about quest solving and similar matters.


NPC finder List of specific NPC's usual locations


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