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Plans and Policies

Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years ago

There are lots of Discworld MUD sites out there. Why make another one?

Problem with "normal" sites is that they belong to someone. While that is good for some reasons, it also has some drawbacks. Main one is that authors tend to lose interest in them over time, and eventually it becomes obsolete, or, in some more severe cases (like with Simidhel's one), deleted.


This site is supposed to be the one that belongs to no one. Even if I die before finishing this page, this wiki will still be readable and updatable by any DWMUDder.


For further protection of this wiki content availability, it is covered with GNU Free Documentation License (this is not final, maybe I'll use some other free license instead, I'm working on it). That basically means that you can do whatever you want with all content of this wiki, as long as it stays under GFDL and clearly state it. For example, you may copy some pages on your site, or even copy it to some other Wiki as a whole, if something happened with this one and you have a backup. Of course, you'll have to respect also rights of Disworld MUD authors and Discworld author themselves.


So, if you have some info about DWMUD that you consider interesting and want to share, but don't want to make a whole site for that, or keep it up to date indefinitely, this wiki is the place for you.


If you do have a site about DWMUD, then you can link to it (or even some separate pages of it) on respective sections of this wiki. But in this case, please, add some annotations to that links and keep them up-to-date.


I'm going to make a club for this wiki as soon as people show interest in it and I will find some good name for it (as "wiki" is taken by Zuroc). Currently you can contact Tylor with ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism regarding this wiki.

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