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Palace Guard Armoury

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Palace Guard Armoury

Ankh Morpork, Palace Guard Guild, Patrician's Palace

A: a halberdic spear for A$67.50 (one left).

B: a two-handed sword for A$20 (two left).

C: a two-handed war sword for A$75 (three left).

D: a war flail for A$87.50 (two left).

E: a black iron flail for A$65 (two left).

F: a morning star for A$3.50 (two left).

G: a two-handed black shafted mace for A$88.75 (two left).

H: a two-handed war hammer for A$84.62 (two left).

I: an iron war club for A$95 (two left).

J: a short steel baton for A$20 (ten left).

K: a Morporkian gladius for A$4 (four left).

L: a short sword for A$2 (ten left).

M: a long sword for A$3 (ten left).

N: a medium wooden shield for 15p (four left).

O: a medium metal shield for 75p (three left).

P: a medium bone shield for 15p (two left).

Q: a mail shirt for A$4 (ten left).

R: a pair of mail chausses for A$2.50 (two left).

S: a pair of mail hosen for A$5.75 (four left).

T: a mail hauberk for A$6.50 (ten left).

U: a pair of mail mittens for A$2.25 (two left).

V: a mail skirt for A$4.50 (four left).

W: a mail coif for A$3.25 (five left).

X: a sturdy brown rain cloak for A$30 (six left).

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