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Nimbledrit's Tool Shop

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 4 months ago

Master Nimbledrit's Shop of Crafting Equipment

Ankh-Morpork, Ettercap Street northwest of the intersection with Cunning Artificers



A: a pair of wire cutters for 58p (four left).

B: a broomstick for A$1.50 (one left).

C: a wooden pitchfork for A$5 (one left).

D: a crowbar for A$1 (five left).

E: a shovel for A$2 (three left).

F: a carving knife for A$1.25 (five left).

G: a chisel for 75p (five left).

H: a soil-encrusted pitchfork for A$5 (one left).

I: a pickaxe for A$1.50 (one left).

J: a large axe for A$3.75 (two left).

K: a saw for A$2.50 (one left).

L: a sledgehammer for A$3 (two left).

M: a small hammer for A$10 (four left).

N: a claw hammer for A$1.50 (three left).

O: a measuring tape for A$5 (two left).

P: a phillips head screwdriver for 75p (four left).

Q: a standard screwdriver for 75p (four left).

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