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How To Die

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These are popular ways to die a real death (or suffer some other severe consequences).


Check Robin Hood and the Merry Men of Discworld also for similar topics.


Btw, when you use one of these methods and want to know what to do next, read Sined's Etiquette for the Dead and/or Eupolis' Thee Booke of thee Dead


Also, Sined's site has great info about near-death situations.




  • To AFK in nearby location with NPC you've fought but haven't killed. They remember you, and wander around, so they can come into your location and finish you.
  • Underwater. If you don't have high swimming levels (about 60 for 15-20% burden), don't go swimming burdened. If you do, be ready to unkeep, remove and drop all your equipment, so you can swim to the surface ("unkeep all" "remove all" "drop all" and then "up" until you reach the surface). It is usually possible to swim up even with very low skill if you have zero burden. After that you can dive for your equipment and carry it to the coast, several things a time.
  • Flat cap. If you wear it for too long (about several minutes), it will drain your HP, and eventually kill you.




  • To kill Assassin Students in their guild. They are weak, so that is easy to do. But after several kills their seniors will be upset and inhume you.
  • To attack Ole Ron group - they will fight you all at once and will pursue you.
  • To attack hags. They are witches and can do nasty things even to not-so-newbie players.
  • To attack small old ladies group. They don't pursuit, but are nasty nevertheless.
  • To steal or shoplift, if you are not member of Theives Guild. It will not kill you, but you can lose all of your money and items.
  • To fight with thieves near Shades or priests. They like to take your weapons - by snatching or fumbling it. *Do not* try to steal them back, if you are not a member of Thieves Guild!
  • Shades. There are tough enemies there and it's hard to navigate, so you will have problems leaving it.




  • To fall from cliff. You can do it by moving in the wrong direction on the road. There are not many places where it is possible. One is just east from Brass Neck.




  • To kill a cat or a priest. For that you will be thrown in the crocodile pit, which is nearly certain death, and you will need help not only for resurrecting, but for recovering your corpse as well.
  • Around Djelibeybi - auto-attacking Rogue Elephants. But more dangerous are not auto-attacking, but pursuing cheetahs.


Bes Pelagric


  • Attacking someone near Imperial Guard. They will not just take you to jail like AM guards do, they will kill you. Same if Guards come into the location where you're fighting with something, but in this case sometimes Guard attack your enemy instead of you.
  • Tang Bay. There is only one location on Tang Island to which you can teleport, and there is a Tang Guard there. If you are an enemy of Tang family, then you will not be able to get to island by that guard, so if you can't kill him you'll have to flee to ferry (if present), or jump to bay. Another way to die is to climb cliff there and fall from it.
  • Snail and Red Triangle.




  • Casino. It's about the only place to hunt xp here, but also the most death-inducing one.
  • Cemetry. Zombies there are auto-attacking.





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