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Gnaby Party Supplies

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Ganby Party Supplies


Ankh-Morpork, Kings Way, South of the junction with Prouts and Scoone


The following items are for sale:


AA: a Happy Inhumation banner for A$15 (five left).

AB: a Housewarming banner for A$15 (seven left).

AC: a Congratulations banner for A$15 (six left).

AD: a C.T.F. banner for A$15 (six left).

AE: a Congratulations on your Divorce banner for A$15 (five left).

AF: a Welcome to PK banner for A$15 (nine left).

AG: a Happy Birthday banner for A$15 (nine left).

AH: a Happy 366th Birthday banner for A$15 (eight left).

AI: a Happy 251st Birthday banner for A$15 (nine left).

AJ: a Happy 101st Birthday banner for A$15 (nine left).

AK: a bundle of streamers for A$5 (fourteen left).

AL: a pack of confetti for A$5 (fourteen left).

AM: a brightly coloured blowout for A$2.25 (eleven left).

AN: a huge firecracker for A$1.25 (one left).

AO: a large firecracker for A$1 (eight left).

AP: a small firecracker for 87p (five left).

AQ: a tiny firecracker for 75p (nine left).

AR: a pack of balloons for A$10 (nine left).

AS: a colourful lei for A$5 (thirteen left).

AT: a hot pink garland for 50p (six left).

AU: a coral red garland for 50p (fourteen left).

AV: a pine green garland for 50p (five left).

AW: an aquamarine garland for 50p (thirteen left).

AX: a hot pink garland for 50p (eight left).

AY: a sandalwood balloon for A$1 (five left).

AZ: a cardinal red balloon for A$1 (fourteen left).

BA: a charcoal balloon for A$1 (ten left).

BB: an amber balloon for A$1 (eleven left).

BC: a corn yellow balloon for A$1 (six left).

BD: a bourbon gold balloon for A$1 (thirteen left).


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