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If you want a discworld MUD-related wiki, try Discworld Official Unofficial Wiki


This wiki is mostly abandoned, but probably contain some unique information still.


Currently we have following sections:


Player links

Categorized list of most (i.e. nearly all) interesting Discworld MUD sites, with annotation.



Financial system on Discworld is rather complex, having several different currencies and a system of banks.

This section contains a full and up-to-date list of Discworld bank's branches with commission rates.



List of shops and similar facilities, with descriptions of services and lists of stock. Currently it has all (or nearly all) furniture shops on Disk, growing list of custom items shop, and a little more.


How to die, and how to avoid it, and what to do if failed at that

Basic safety rules on Discword.


Gold Parties


Lists and charts commands available to everyone and guild specific ones.



Detailed description of commands


Priest Rituals

Lists and charts detailing priest rituals and which gods grant them.


Wizard Spells - Everything you wanted to know about Hex, but were afraid to ask

Informative tables pertaining to wizard spells, including order comparisons.


Armour Effectiveness Table - An attempt to rank armours by how much protection they provide for a given amount of weight.


Plans and Policies


About what this site is, what it isn't and what it strives to be.


Please, vote for (or against) this wiki on official Dicworld MUD Player Links page. It is called "Nameless Wiki" there.






Feel free to edit this wiki, add something new and make constructive changes to old (like fixing grammar where it is needed).


Password for editing this wiki is the name of someone who lost her brooch.

Attention! Don't upload HTML files. PBWiki support doesn't like it (and also it is not in the spirit of the wiki). Use standard wiki methods to make pages, or just send an HTML file to baturinsky@gmail.com and I'll make it into a wiki page and add it to this wiki.


Also you can contact Tylor in game or by e-mail with questions, ideas or suggestions about this wiki.




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