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Dusty furniture shop

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 5 months ago

Dusty furniture shop

Ankh-Morpork, Under the docks (descend from the north end of Cockbill street, and then 6 rooms east)

A: a tall wooden wardrobe for A$175 (one left). It can hold about 44 pounds or about eighty items

B: a simple wooden sidetable for A$70 (two left).

C: a set of plain wooden kitchen cupboards for A$200 (one left). It can hold about 11 pounds or about forty items

D: a tall driftwood cabinet for A$135 (two left).

E: a cheap wooden bookcase for A$102.50 (two left).

F: a bedside cabinet for A$35 (one left).

G: a wooden single bed for A$140 (one left).

H: a wooden double bed for A$90 (one left).

I: a plain chair for A$35 (thirteen left).

J: an armchair for A$43.50 (seven left).

K: a barrel umbrella stand for A$15.50 (four left).

L: a wooden barrel for A$87.50 (two left).

M: a large wooden chest for A$85 (two left). It can hold about 22 pounds or about sixty items. There is a small keyhole in the front.

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