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Dust Devil

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 5 months ago

Dust Devil is a summoning ritual, available to priests of all deities. Priest can summon up to two Dust Devils at once.


It does not "protect" it's master and is not a very good at offensive, but can be effectively used to distract enemies, making them wasting actions on attacking dust devil and dodging/blocking it's blows.

Automatically attacks whoever attacks you, but can also be ordered to attack someone specifically (check "syntax order")


On other hand, controlling Dust Devil makes performing rituals harder, so it's not always wise to use them.


Note that you can't perform Shield on Dust Devil.


Base cost 50G. A holy symbol is needed. Granted on level 55 in faith.rituals.misc.area.

Higher skill makes Dust Devil larger and durable. Also fa.ri.of.ar seems to increase it's damage and fa.ri.de.ar - his defence.


Dust Devil's sizes are: tiny, small, average, large, huge, gigantic, colossal, enormous, humungous, and unbelievably large. With guildmaxed skill and default rearrange you'll have colossal Dust Devil usually.

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