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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 1 month ago

Curing rituals


These rituals restore some of target's health.


Target - self or any living thing. Not PK-checked, but casting it by NPK on PK in fight is a forbidden PK/NPK interaction.


Skills used - faith.rituals.curing.self/target


Cure light wounds - granted on level 3 of faith to priests of Hat or Sek and followers of Gapp, granted on level 1 of faith to priests of gods. Base cost 15 GP.


Cure Medium Wounds - granted on level 30 of fa.ri.cu.ta by all gods. Base cost 25 gp. Holy Symbol is needed.


Cure Serious Wounds - granted on level 60 of fa.ri.cu.ta by Sandelfon, Gapp, Gufnork and Pishe. Base cost 40 gp.


Heal - granted on level 100 of fa.ri.cu.ta by Pishe. Holy Symbol is required. Usually enough to heal any creature totally.

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