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WORK IN PROGRESS - Navbug Azmimuth

(bloody hell, it's a lot harder than you'd think. No not harder..just time consuming and laborious. And this si coming from someone who first learnt coding throught HTML alone back in the day.)


Universal Commands


















Skills required

List of commands with skills required to learn, gp required to perform


Guild Restrictions
Skills required to learn
GP to perform
Items/Weapons required
Ambush co.stealth AND6050 of Co.Points (to set up ambush)
co.items.weapons 6020 of Co.Points (to perform ambush)
Bash fi.special.weapon 15 x of Fi.points
Beat fi.special.weapon 20 x of Fi.points
Bob fi.special.unarmed 50 x of Fi.points
Chop fi.special.weapon x x of Fi.points
Feint fi.special.weapon x x of Fi.points
Hack fi.special.weapon x x of Fi.points
Iai fi.special.weapon x x of Fi.points
Kick fi.special.unarmed 50 x of Fi.points
Pierce fi.special.weapon x x of Fi.points
Punch fi.special.unarmed 50 x of Fi.points
Riposte fi.special.weapon x x of Fi.points
Shove fi.special.weapon x x of Fi.points
Slash fi.special.weapon x x of Fi.points
Slice fi.special.weapon x x of Fi.points
Smash fi.special.weapon x x of Fi.points
Stab fi.special.weapon x x of Fi.points
Trip fi.special.unarmed 50 x of Fi.points



Abscond Thieves and Assassins Covert.stealth 50

Ambush All Guilds Covert.stealth 60

Covert.items.weapons 60

Backstab Thieves and Assassins Covert.stealth 60

Covert.items.weapons 60

Bash All Guilds Fighting.special.weapon 15

Beat All Guilds Fighting.special.weapon 20

Bandage All Guilds Crafts.medicine.firstaid 25

Bob All Guilds Fighting.special.unarmed 50

Fighting.unarmed 50

Case Thieves Covert.casing 20

Chop All Guilds Fighting.special.weapon 15

Conceal All Guilds Covert.hiding.object 60

Crack All Guilds Covert.lockpick.safe 100

Disable All Guilds Covert.items.traps 60

Covert.lockpick.traps 60

Disarm All Guilds Fighting.special.weapons 100

Feint All Guilds Fighting.special.weapon 15

Filch Thieves Covert.manipulation.stealing 150

Fix All Guilds Crafts.smithing 10

Hack All Guilds Fighting.special.weapon 15

Hide All Guilds Covert.hiding.person 10

Iai All Guilds Fighting.special.weapon 50

Fighting.melee.sword 70

Judge All Guilds Other.evaluating.weapons 5

Launder Thieves Other.trading.valueing.* (all of them) 50

Leatherwork All Guilds Crafts.materials 10

Palm All Guilds Covert.manipulation.palming 3

Peek All Guilds Covert.stealth 10

Pick All Guilds Covert.lockpick.doors 60

Plant All Guilds Covert.manipulations.passing 3

Probe All Guilds Covert.items.traps 20

Covert.casing.place 60

Pierce All Guilds Fighting.special.weapon 15

Repair All Guilds Crafts.carpentry 10

Rifle Thieves Covert.manipulation.sleight-of-hand 30

Riposte All Guilds Fighting.special 15

Scope Thieves Covert.casing 20

Shoplift All Guilds Covert.manipulation.stealing 15

Shove All Guilds Fighting.special.unarmed 15

Slash All Guilds Fighting.special.weapon 15

Slice All Guilds Fighting.special.weapons 15

Slip All Guilds Covert.manipulation.passing 3

Smash All Guilds Fighting.special.weapon 15

Snatch All Guilds Covert.manipulation.stealing 5

Sneak All Guilds Covert.stealth 10

Stab All Guilds Fighting.special.weapon 15

Steal All Guilds Covert.manipulation.stealing 20

Trip All Guilds Fighting.special.unarmed 15

Unconceal All Guilds Covert.manipulation.sleight-of-hand 10

Unhide All Guilds Covert.stealth 20

Value All Guilds Other.trading.valueing.* (all of them) 40

Vurdere All Guilds Other.evaluating.armour 5

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