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Player banks


You can read more about banks on Elanor's page


Fluffy Bank of Paradise

Official name - Fluffy Rabbits

3% Ankh-Morpork Attic Bee Street
3% Ankh-Morpork Tanglefoot Trading, Pallent Street
10% Bes Pelargic Paper Dragon, Market Street just east of its junction with Elysien Street
15% Bes Pelargic Fifteen, Intersection on Lover's Lane

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3% Ankh-Morpork God Street
4% Escrow The Holy Grail, The southeastern corner of the town square
8% Bes Pelargic The Divine Treasury, Just outside the High Tide Covered Market
10% Bes Pelargic Weeping Willow, Phoenix Avenue
12% Bes Pelargic The middle of Long Street


People's Bank of Klatch

10% Ankh-Morpork Chooxen's War on Everything, Plaza of Broken Moons
3% Bes Pelargic The Enlightened Teacup, Wung-Chi Lane
2% Djelibeybi Southeast Bazaar
10% Ohulan-Cutash The Polished Kettle, Northeast Ohulan-Cutash Market


Non-player banks


Bing's First

10% Ankh-Morpork The Bankers' Guild, The Street of Bookkeepers
10% Ankh-Morpork Upper Broadway
10% Sto Lat King's Road
10% Hillshire A road running through Hillshire


The Lancrastian Farmers' Cooperative Bank

Official name - LFC

Good for converting from Lancre to Ankh-Morpork

2% Lancre The eastern side of Lancre Town square
3% Ochulan Cutash The southwestern corner of the market
7% Escrow The southern side of the town square
10% Ankh-Morpork Widdershins Broadway, near post office


Klatchian Continental

5% Djelibeybi The east end of Market Street (NW of bazaar)


visa terminal

First Imperial Bank of the Empire

Official name - FIB

To make an account, you'll have to wait in queue in main branch on Rhinu Road for about 10 minutes (and pay 17 rhinu fee, of cause).

10% Bes Pelargic The middle of Market Street
10% Bes Pelargic Rhinu Road


Genua National

5% Genua Royal Avenue
10% Ankh-Morpork Genuan Embassy, Phedre Road

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