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An untidy workshop

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An untidy workshop

Bes Pelargic, Pearl Path


> say I would like to order a custom ring, please




What type of ring would you like? anniversary ring, engagement ring, engagement band, friendship ring, bezel-set ring, betrothal ring, wedding ring, wedding band and ring
What would you like the main stone on the ring to be?glimmering citrine stone, chunk of mother of pearl, silver chrysoprase stone, veined chalcedony stone, transparent tourmaline, spiderweb varicite gem, silver cabochon stone, clear quartz crystal, deep burgundy garnet, rose quartz crystal, lapis lazuli shard, aquamarine crystal, orange carnelian, tangerine garnet, freshwater pearl, saltwater pearl, rhodonite stone, turquoise stone, blue lace agate, shiny obsidian, gleaming topaz, shard of ivory, piece of ebony, spiderweb opal, fiery sunstone, faceted beryl, red carnelian, smokey quartz, bronzed topaz, rusted amber, green iolite, vesuvianite, chrysoberyl, black pearl, green agate, bloodstone, pink coral, onyx stone, jade stone, blue topaz, moonstone, tiger-eye, malachite, fire opal, jet stone, amethyst, chromite, hematite, sapphire, larimar, emerald, diamond, peridot, jasper and ruby
What size would you like the main stone to be?moderately-sized, pinpoint, small, large, tiny and huge
What shape would you like the main stone to berectangle-shaped, teardrop-shaped, pyramid-shaped, square-shaped, multi-faceted, heart-shaped, oval-shaped, roughly cut, pear-shaped, star-shaped, circular, polished, faceted and smooth
Would you like any additional stones on your ring?twelve, eleven, seven, three, eight, five, nine, four, six, one, ten, two and no extra stones
What kind of metal would you like the ring to be made out of?sterling silver, black gold, white gold, red gold, platinum, copper, bronze, silver, brass, steel, iron and gold





Huan Gong says to you in Agatean with a Hunghung accent: Your ring will cost 75Rh.

Huan Gong says to you in Agatean with a Hunghung accent: This exquisite sapphire bezel-set ring will look like: A fine sterling silver ring, this bezel-set ring has been sculpted into a simple prong setting. The ring holds a tiny sapphire that has been carefully cut into a multi-faceted finish. Glittering gently in the light, the sapphire shines subtly, casting faint shadows of its hue on the sterling silver setting that surrounds it.

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