Alyssa of Gapp

Alyssa of Gapp

Ankh-Morpork, The Street of Small Gods, Small Gods Vestments upper room


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There is no "help here". Just say "buy" in morporkian to start ordering and "collect" to collect. You may have to say "list" to get list of options for some stages of ordering.


type chasuble, vestment and robe
style traditional, priest's, Agatean, monk's, thick, plain, tough, neat, old, Ephebian, flowing, boring, loose, tight, shiny, rough, wide
fabric crocodile skin, moleskin, taffeta, velvet, denim, wool, fur, terry cloth, lambskin, hessian, cotton, satin, silk, , snakeskin, corduroy, leather, rubber, linen, lace, , gabardine, cashmere, flannel, crepe, tweed, flax
colour chestnut brown, forest green, cobalt blue, bright red, sea green, dark red, indigo, azure, eggshell blue, lemon yellow, pale orange, dark green, turquoise, lavender, maroon, peach, bright yellow, Genuan blue, pale yellow, slate grey, blood red, scarlet, purple, lilac, bright orange, light green, dark orange, chartreuse, navy blue, fuschia, violet, cream, marbled white, bright blue, mint green, pale blue, sky-blue, copper, black, pink, Genuan bleen, olive green, pale green, off-white, lavender, silver, white, gold, bright green, apple white, terracotta, dark blue, burgundy, bronze, ochre
trim vulture feathers, maze-pattern, barbed wire, vermine, velvet, none, flower-pattern, cotton-wool, rabbit-fur, fluffy, silk,
decoration sacrificial daggers, fluffy balls, fish scales, flowers, frogs, vulture feathers, metal spikes, glitter, swirls, mazes, storm clouds, metal studs, stripes, fluff, none



Alyssa of Gapp shows you a picture of your chosen garment, which looks like:

This is a well made Agatean vestment. All the workmanship is exquisite, from the tiny stitching to the high quality Genuan bleen leather used in its manufacture. The garment is set off by storm clouds decorations that accentuate the style to the height of perfection.

The Agatean Genuan bleen leather vestment has two side pockets.

It is in excellent condition.

Alyssa of Gapp says with a Morporkian accent: I believe that's all I will need to know... I'm afraid I'll need some money though, A$45.

You say: yes

Alyssa of Gapp says with a Morporkian accent: Oh goodie! I'll get right on it - I should be able to finish in 1 hour, 32 minutes and 23 seconds, by the grace of Gapp.