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A handmade bed shop

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 7 months ago

A handmade bed shop

Bes Pelargic, Wung-Chi Lane

A: a wood panelled canopy bed for 959Rh 64s (one left).

B: a tier bed for 573Rh 105s (one left).

C: a tatami mat bed for 438Rh 85s (one left).

D: a simple tatami mat bed for 175Rh 10s (one left).

E: an oaken daybed for 417Rh 24s (one left).

F: a lotus flower bed for 792Rh 104s (one left).

G: a lacquered canopy bed for 991Rh 67s (one left).

H: a herringbone canopy bed for 792Rh 91s (one left).

I: a cherry wood daybed for 614Rh 70s (one left).

J: an Auriental scrollwork canopy bed for 781Rh 30s (one left).

K: a golden lilac arabesque daybed for 583Rh 40s (one left).

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