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A fine crockery shop

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 4 months ago

A fine crockery shop

Bes Pelagric, Silver Snake Road, just north of its junction with Tree Snake Avenue

A: a porcelain dish for 260Rh 50s (three left).

B: a porcelain vase for 312Rh 60s (three left).

C: a Shi-Shi statue for 52Rh 10s (three left).

D: a decorative Tang Plate for 291Rh 80s (two left).

E: a blue and white Hong vase for 291Rh 80s (three left).

F: a Sung teapot for 291Rh 80s (two left).

G: an enamelled satsuma vase for 145Rh 100s (three left).

H: a golden satsuma jar for 141Rh 80s (two left).

I: a red and green patterned Mc'Sweeney bowl for 214Rh 20s (three left).

J: a lacquered handpainted vase for 83Rh 40s (three left).

K: a porcelain Fang teacup for 205Rh 75s (two left).

L: a tri-colour dragon vase for 183Rh 40s (three left).

M: a cloisonne pot for 200Rh (three left).

N: a cloisonne bowl for 191Rh 80s (two left).

O: an antique food basket for 129Rh 20s (two left).

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